Property Management

Remote Eyes Property Management

Manage your properties, manage your profits.

The Security And Flexibility You Demand In A Property Surveillance System. (And At A Price You Can Afford)

An expensive security guard isn't always the best option for indoor or outdoor security. Meet the Remote Eyes property surveillance system. You can manage your properties remotely and get the indoor and outdoor security you need as if you (or a guard) were there without the coffee breaks.

Completely scalable and customizable Remote Eyes property surveillance systems are available to meet any demand for your properties such as schools, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, public buildings, and construction sites.

Managing property is difficult when you cannot be there. Finding quality employees to help you reduce crime, vandalism, and perform proper maintenance can be challenging. Use Remote Eyes® to centralize management of your property, providing the security camera coverage you need.


Want to Increase Property Values and Rents?

Reduce crime and vandalism! Remote video monitoring of your security camera surveillance systems is the leading investment you can make to reduce crime and vandalism at your properties. And, with integrated audio capability, Remote Eyes is an excellent outdoor property surveillance system for remotely managing the employees and contractors at your property to improve overall maintenance and upkeep.

Using the Remote Eyes Multi-View Client software package, you can see, hear, and talk to all of your security cameras on your property surveillance system at the same time. You can even view all of your security camera footage from lobbies in multiple buildings on the same composite layout at the same time!


Want Exceptional Support?

- Excellent repair or replace warranty coverage
- Optional next business day on-site support
- FCC, UL, CE certifications for most configurations
- ISO-9001 manufacturing process


Features and Benefits

Extended Video Archive: Store up to 540 days of continuous recording from your security cameras on your Remote Eyes video archive to improve indoor and outdoor security of your properties.

Control Entry and Egress: Access control events inserted on your video clips provide irrefutable evidence to crack down on unauthorized entry into your properties.

Manage Your Operations: Easy to use search tools let you review employee and contractor performance from your central office via your security camera feeds.

Manage from Anywhere: Use broadband to connect to your properties from anywhere. See, hear, talk to, and receive access control data from your security cameras and properties no matter where you are!


"Nobody does it like Remote Eyes. We recently attended a leading security conference and saw about a thousand vendors and no one had a solution that even came close."

- Robert O'Conor, Edgewood Management Corporation