Analog Cameras

Analog Cameras

Technology evolves, and the world around us changes. Some days it seems that as soon one new product hits the market, there is a new – more technologically advanced – product right behind it. But does that make the original bad?

Think about cars, health remedies, and even surveillance cameras. That’s right, the analog security cameras that have been around for so many years are still some of the sturdiest and best cameras available in the market. Think older technology is out? Think again. Your typical dome camera is here to stay.


Analog camera technology has what it takes to secure everything that matters in your life. The technology itself may be older, but it has still grown and changed over the years. Yet, analog cameras remain some of the most dependable on the market.


  • Provide a durable solution to your surveillance needs.
  • Are cost-effective since they are built to last.
  • There are many analog cameras to choose from, so you are sure to find one that captures the view you are looking for.
  • Less fuss with storage upgrades, firmware upgrades, and intricate wiring after installation.
  • Are wired throughout your location and connect to an in-house monitoring station.
  • Most cameras generally come with sunshades and infrared or heat technology. This means that they work well indoors, outdoors, in light, and in darkness.

With the emergence of TVI technology, analog cameras now offer resolutions up to 8MP, rivaling even the best image quality that IP cameras can provide.


Your family and loved ones seek peace at home. And, who doesn’t? In our crazy world, no one should feel like it is necessary to keep their guard up at home. And your family shouldn’t, either.

By installing an analog surveillance system, you are providing everyone in your family a sense of security. Whether installing the security cameras solely on the outside – or inside and out – you will know what is going on all around you at all times.

It has been well-documented that homes with visible security cameras are a strong deterrent for thieves and other criminals. And, should you ever fall victim to such a crime, your video footage can be used by law enforcement and in legal proceedings to seek the justice owed to you.


Just as you want to protect your family, your business is also of great value to you. After all, it is your livelihood. So, it is important to understand the value of introducing an analog surveillance system into your business. Sure, you may think that it is just for security, but you may be surprised at just how beneficial this camera system can be.

Installing an analog camera surveillance system will help you…

  • Deter crime from happening in your store or office. Just as the presence of cameras can deter thieves from your home, they do the same in the workplace.
  • Retail theft occurs not only from customers and other outsiders but from employees, too. In fact, half of the retail thefts that occur can be traced back to an employee.
  • Reduce the prevalence of staged or otherwise fake accidents. Whether it is an employee seeking worker’s compensation or it is a customer claiming negligence, having video proof on camera of what actually happened can save you valuable time and money.
  • Monitor your employees and productivity in one department or in all of them combined. Having a way to see where the hiccups are or where things flow the smoothest can help you tighten up your workflow, elevate productivity, and increase your bottom line.

You cannot always be at your business, but your security cameras can. They can constantly record everything that takes place. Think of it as an extra set of eyes.

If you think analog cameras can do a lot already, there is even more. Combining an analog surveillance system with Remote Eyes can get you some additional benefits.

Integrate your camera system with your POS system. Instead of doing things the old way – viewing camera footage and POS information side by side – Remote Eyes has the ability to integrate these two systems together.

The end result?

You will be able to view your analog camera footage with a text overlay that clearly denotes each transaction that is taking place, such as item order, void, no sale, over ring, etc. With Remote Eyes by your side, you will be armed with highly valuable forensic evidence of employee theft and fraud.

Learn where your weak points are and work to secure your business – and your sales.

STORING AND MONITORING YOUR CAMERA FOOTAGE. If you are storing your recorded surveillance footage locally, you can lose everything with an instance of fire, theft, tampering, damage, etc. Using Remote Eyes, you will be able to host and store your footage on our cloud servers, reducing headaches and your need for on-premises security.

REMOTE EYES HEALTH MONITORING can be used to proactively detect any problems with ongoing surveillance recording and allow corrective action to be taken. It would not be worth your while to stop what you are doing and just monitor your cameras. You’ve got a business to run! So, why not leave the analysis work to the professionals?

SEE EVERYTHING USING REMOTE EYES MULTI-VIEW CLIENT. If you take your surveillance seriously, you likely have a lot of cameras. The bigger your space, the more cameras you will have to cover it. It is impossible to divide your attention among each camera as needed. Using our Multi-View Client, you can quickly and easily monitor over 1,000 cameras at once. This is a great idea for those seeking to centralize their surveillance efforts across multiple properties or locations.

You can find surveillance cameras nearly everywhere these days, but finding cameras that you can trust – backed by a company you can count on – will give you a solid sense of protection. As an industry leader, Remote Eyes will work with you to develop a security plan to meet your needs – and help you protect everything that matters in your world.