Hospitality Management

Remote Eyes Hospitality Management

protect your business, protect your cash flow

Who's minding your business? Can anybody do it better than you?

The National Restaurant Association estimates restaurant losses due to internal theft exceed $20 billion annually. Integrate Remote Eyes with your restaurant or bar point of sale system to minimize employee theft, protect against liability and fraudulent claims, improve your operations management capability, and reduce losses. Choose the Remote Eyes hospitality surveillance system to keep track of your business.

Reduce shrinkage now! Leading hotels, dining, and entertainment establishments are integrating Remote Eyes hospitality surveillance system with their point of sale (POS) equipment in their restaurants and bars. Hospitality leaders are saving enough money with their Remote Eyes security camera system to more than cover their costs, usually within weeks.

View multiple security camera locations simultaneously with MultiView Client. Mix security cameras from different restaurant locations, such as all bartenders and cashiers, on a single screen layout (up to 32 cameras) in your hotel, restaurant, or bar security camera setup.

Remote Eyes leads the hospitality surveillance system industry for support:
- Excellent repair or replace warranty coverage
- FCC, UL, CE certifications for most configurations
- ISO-9001 manufacturing process


Features and Benefits

Extended Video Surveillance Archive: Store 30 to 120 days of continuous recording with standard models (extended models available). Use video evidence to make your business immune to fraudulent claims, operational inefficiencies, and liability risks, while increasing your restaurant, bar, or hotel security.

Reduce Employee Theft: POS transaction data embedded in your video surveillance archive provides irrefutable evidence to crack down on employee theft of cash, liquor, or other merchandise.

Invest in Your Business: Use broadband to connect to security cameras in your stores from anywhere. See, hear, talk to, and receive data from your restaurant, bar, or hotel no matter where you are with the Remote Eyes hospitality surveillance system!

Manage Your Operations: Use broadband Internet to connect to your restaurant locations from anywhere. Use Remote Eyes Enterprise Dashboard™ to see data and video from all your locations from any web browser. Daily operating reports tell you how many customers you served during each hour of operation, how much revenue you generated, and how much profit you earned!