Video POS Integration

Remote Eyes Video POS Integration

Remote Eyes advanced pos/atm video integration

IP-based video POS integration for software transaction systems

Using Remote Eyes Advanced POS/ATM Integration software, connecting your CCTV system with your POS, ATM, or access control system is easier, more reliable, and cost effective. Remote Eyes uses Internet Protocol (IP) network technology to leapfrog the serial data integration products commonly used in the industry.

Retail Integration

Today, you are faced with the need to not only manage multiple stores, but to fight a shrinkage problem that averages $32 Billion a year (with over 44% due to employees). How?

The answer is Remote Eyes. The management solution that not only provides security but helps your business become more profitable by reducing shrinkage and increasing worker productivity. Using Virtual Circuit Television (VCTV), Remote Eyes video POS integration connects with your existing point of service equipment and access and control. Plus it allows you to view and manage multiple locations remotely.

It's the perfect combination of application, integration, and security - giving you the ultimate video POS system integration tool for managing your business, whether it is convenience stores, drug stores, discount stores, or bars and restaurants.

Hospitality Integration

Who's minding your business? Can anybody do it better than you?

The National restaurant Association estimates restaurant losses due to internal theft exceed $20 billion annually. Use Remote Eyes video POS integration with your restaurant or bar point of sale system to minimize employee theft, protect against liability and fraudulent claims, improve your operations management capability, and reduce losses.

Reduce shrinkage now! Leading dining and entertainment establishments are integrating Remote Eyes with their point of sale (POS) equipment in their restaurants and bars. Hospitality leaders are saving enough money with their Remote Eyes video POS system integration to more than cover their costs, usually within weeks.

" The Remote Eyes system from Odyssey has paid for itself in less than two months. I’ve seen a dramatic increase in sales and a decrease in shrinkage. The greatest benefit of Remote Eyes Has been than 500% improvement in our customer services!"

:- Ron Furman, owner, Max’s on Broadway, Baltimore

Access Control Integration

The Security And Flexibility You Demand. (And At A Price You Can Afford)

An expensive security guard isn't always the best option. Meet Remote Eyes. You can manage your properties remotely and get the security you need as if you (or a guard) were there without the coffee breaks

Completely scalable and customizable Remote Eyes systems are available to meet any demand for your properties such as schools, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, public buildings, and construction sites.

"Nobody does it like Remote Eyes. We recently attended a leading security conference and saw about a thousand vendors and no one had a solution that even come close."

:- Robert O'Conor, Edgewood Management Corporation