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Remote Eyes Security Camera Software


The Remote Eyes Drive Thru Expediter (DTE) improves the accuracy of Drive-Thru order fulfillment, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and higher throughput for Quick Service Restaurants with Drive-Thru lanes.

DTE security camera software also supports dual Drive-Thru lane configurations, allowing customers to order concurrently and approach the payment and food expediting windows in any order while still maintaining accuracy of order fulfillment.


Identify Vehicles In Drive Thru Lanes

DTE uses an advanced security camera software and digital imaging system for surveillance to capture still frame images of each vehicle entering your Drive-Thru lanes as your customers place their orders. DTE automatically detects the order number and complete ticket detail off of your Point of Sale system and associates them with the vehicle image.


Deliver The Correct Food Order

DTE gives your food expediter the information he needs to deliver the correct order to your customer 100% of the time. Your food expediter can visually verify your customer and his order number by simply looking at the DTE security camera software display. To review the ticket details, your food expediter simply touches the picture of your customer’s car to bring up an easy to read display containing the customer’s complete order information.


Streamline The Payment Window

DTE allows your payment window cashier to see a clear image of each customer’s vehicle on a dedicated display with the customer’s order number above the image. Using this surveillance image, the cashier can quickly and easily determine which ticket should be paid by which customer. With DTE security camera software installed, there is no need to ask the customer for his order number or ticket item details before collecting payment.


Drive Thru Expediter Client and Server

DTE Server:
- Compatible with Remote Eyes Version 6 and 8 Servers
- Integrate with POSWatch™ to detect Drive-Thru orders
- Capture surveillance images from Drive-Thru cameras

DTE Client:
- Windows XP, Vista and 7 compatible
- Displays up to 9 customer vehicles at one time
- Associates customer order number with image of customer vehicle
- Supports touchscreen interface
- Displays complete order detail with one touch
- Supports order recall for up to 30 orders
- Remove completed orders automatically or manually




MultiView - Connect up to 128 Cameras on ten different Remote Eyes Servers! MultiView also supports viewing of up to 32 cameras at one time with multiple monitors. Key building block for Video Central Station Monitoring.

Compatible with all versions of Remote Eyes, including Remote Eyes servers, Fortress Servers, Mini-Servers, and Watchdog Pro.

Available as software only or bundled with a compatible monitoring workstation